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Meet our bestselling model NEW DEPP Champagne

This model is beautifully handcrafted from yellow acetate and features shatterproof green lenses with full UV400 protection. The lightweight frame offers a comfortable feel and fit. This variant adds a nice pop of color without being too loud.

You are cleaning the equivalent of 5 plastic bottles / 20 plastic bags / 100 plastic straws from the ocean by buying this product.

Shades for everyone

"We wanted to create a pair of shades that just fits everyone, while being something special. With NEW DEPP Champagne, we knew we had found a bestselling model. Beautiful round design, high quality lenses in green, and a hint of champagne color that makes you look better no matter what you do."

Marc Østerskov, CEO

It's all the rage

Quality, price, and design— you can have it all!


Not too big, not too small. NEW DEPP manages to land right in the sweet spot when it comes to size. These sunnies are designed to fit most faces, so while they might run a tad large or small depending on your face shape and size, they’ll still fit—and importantly—look great! The round shape is flattering for most faces.

However, if you have a smaller sized face and often find yourself having difficulty finding a pair of sunglasses that don’t look massive on you, then we’d recommend you check out our DEPP model, which is slightly smaller and very well suited for small faces of all shapes.

200 steps in production

NEW DEPP Champagne is handcrafted using high-quality acetate. There are almost 200 steps in the production of these sunglasses, a manual process that can take somewhere between six and eight weeks to complete. Each pair is assembled using nickel- and lead-free hinges (very important considering you don’t those metals on or around your face) and feature shatterproof lenses with full UV400 protection. 

Not many people know that you can adjust quality acetate yourself. Gently rub the material to warm it up and you can make it bend to your needs!

The must-have pair

Out of seven different color variations is NEW DEPP Champagne the clear winner. The translucent yellow frame and green lenses complement each other well and offer a classy yet fun look. We have already sold this model thousands of times and our customers still can't get enough of it.

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