For every product sold, we donate a share of the revenue to ReSea Project, which facilitates and documents the clean-up of ocean plastic equivalent to the weight of 5 plastic bottles or 100 straws.

How it all started

When we launched MessyWeekend back in 2018, we partnered with the NGO 4THEPLANET (formerly PROARTSO) and founded the "ORIGINES" project. The initiative aimed to ensure sustainable methods for cleaning up and sorting plastic waste in the Pacific Ocean.

Beach clean-ups and educational events were organised by 4THEPLANET in particularly vulnerable areas of Colombia's Pacific coast, areas that are often remote and heavily contaminated with plastic waste. They worked hand in hand with local communities to create a functional waste management system.

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In January 2021, we entered into a partnership with ReSea Project and the NGO Plastic Change.

What do we do today?

The primary purpose of our donations is to ensure a certified and documented clean-up in local communities in Indonesia, where there are massive problems with plastic waste in both the oceans and rivers.

ReSea Project is a community-driven cleanup solution that supports better waste management while raising awareness of the issue at the source. Once the plastic waste is recovered it is sorted and delivered to local waste banks to be distributed for recycling & waste handling purposes.

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Long-term change

We recognise that waste collections are neither a long-term nor permanent solution to the problem of ocean pollution. We aim to inspire change by contributing to education and more sustainable waste management systems, both locally and globally.