Autumn/Winter 21

Find your perfect pair of sunglasses & blue light glasses for this Autumn season.

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Perfect for AUTUMN

We've curated a collection of what we believe are the perfect models and colorways for this autumn season.
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Sunglasses in Autumn

You might be thinking - why should I buy a pair of sunglasses now when there's no longer any sunshine? Well, you'd be surprised by how much UV actually shines all year round. Not to mention that the sun is lower in the sky and shines closer to your eyes at this time of year. It's important to protect your eyes from the rays, especially on those overcast glary days that make your eyes strain extra hard.

But this collection is not just functional - the colored lenses make these shades the perfect statement accessory for any night out.

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Orange & Blue

All sunglasses in this set feature black acetate frames with either orange or blue lenses - a stricking combo for this autumn. Both lenses offer UV400 protection, provide enhanced color perception and are ideal for foggy & misty weather conditions. Wear these colorways on a night out for maximum impact!

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Yellow & Amber

Not only does this color combination exude fall vibes, the yellow lenses in particular are ideal for the autumn weather. Since they aren't as dark as traditional lenses they allow you to see clearly, while still giving you full UV400 protection. Plus, the yellow tint makes everything look a little warmer and brighter - just what you need on a dreary, glary November day.

We launched the Amber colorway last autumn, so it was a no brainer to include it in this year's season. The warm color is the epitome of fall.

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Blue Light Glasses

Gone are the long summer evenings spent outdoors in the company of friends. The season of cozying up inside is upon us - and that means we are likely spending more time in front of our digital devices. Blue Light glasses are thus ideal for blocking the excessive blue light we are exposed to, reducing eye strain & headaches, as well as improving sleep quality.

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Three color combos

Orange & Blue. Yellow & Amber. Blue Light.