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Advanced technology

XEp Photochromic Lenses

The XEp lens is developed with a high-contrast technology and a photochromic layer. This means that the lens automatically adjusts to the amount of sunlight. With a VLT (visual light transmission) between 16% and 53%, the tint provides excellent optical clarity for all weather conditions.

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High Contrast Technology

The XE lens is developed with a High-Contrast technology, which ensures optical clarity that enhances all contrasts in the landscape. This means you can more easily avoid bumps and ice.

Available in our brand new Dark Grey (17% VLT), Green Revo (15% VLT) or Silver Mirror (16% VLT) lens. All XE goggles come with a complimentary yellow Overcast lens (55% VLT).

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Magnetic Lenses

Forget the cumbersome manual handling of lens change while wearing gloves

Both ACHTON and FLOAT II are designed with magnetic lens shift, which consists of 8 powerful magnet sets. This makes for a super easy lens change in under 30 seconds

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