ACHTON XEp - Black Blue ACHTON XEp - Black Blue ACHTON XEp - Black Blue ACHTON XEp - Black Blue

ACHTON XEp - Black Blue

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Colour: Black Blue
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These cylindrical goggles feature our XEp lens with photochromic technology, which automatically adjusts to weather conditions. In sunny weather conditions the lens is royal blue, in overcast conditions the lens becomes transparent purple in a matter of seconds. See images for reference.
ACHTON XEp - Black Blue
Our XEp lenses contain special patented photochromic dyes that cause the lens to automatically darken when exposed to UV rays in sunlight. When the UV light decreases, the lenses fade back. As light conditions change, the level of tint adjusts, constantly offering the right tint. Our XEp lenses were designed for mountain conditions and therefore work best in -20℃ to -35℃.
• The frame is made out of lightweight thermoplastic polyurethane
• The lens is a dual-layered lens, manufactured from Grade 1 optical-quality polycarbonate
• The Category 1-3, weather-adapting lens has anti-fog and anti-scratch coating as well as 100% UV400 protection
Total Frame Width: 179.5 mm | Frame Height: | Bridge: 65.2 mm

Lens Width: | Lens Height: 101.8 mm | Temple Length: 75.7 mm
• Microfiber bag
• MW stickers
• Hard case for secure storage
Use the microfiber bag to clean the lens. The lens has an anti-fog coating, so for tougher spots, use only lukewarm water, as the harsh chemicals in cleaning solutions can strip the anti-fog coating.
As a dual-pane lens, it is normal for water to get in between the two panes, but it’s important to allow the goggles to dry completely before storing in the hard case. Not doing so can lead to condensation being trapped in the case, potentially damaging the lens.
We recommend the goggles be stored in the case when not in use.
ACHTON XEp - Black Blue