High performance goggles

Featuring high-contrast and photochromic lenses with a magnetic lens-change system.


Our new generation of snow goggles offer the same great optical clarity with our XE2 and XEp lenses,

but have been upgraded with a new magnetic lens-change system.


These cylindrical goggles feature dual-pane, magnetic lenses and triple-layer, moisture-wicking foam, ensuring a comfortable fit all day long. Named after Danish Arctic explorer Achton Friis, ACHTON is ready for the action of the mountains.

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Select the right lens for you

All of our new lenses are magnetic, but the colors and technologies differ. So which should you choose?

XE2: High-contrast lens technology

These high-contrast lenses allow you to see more of the mountain and easily avoid bumps and crud. Available in either Green Revo (15% VLT) or Silver Mirror (16% VLT), each pair comes with a complimentary yellow overcast lens (55% VLT).

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Magnetic lenses

Last year, we upgraded our lens technology when we launched our XE2 and XEp lenses. We've received lots of positive feedback on our goggles, but one question we continued to get was, "When are you going to get magnetic lenses?" So, we've spent the last year working to do just that. We wanted to step up our game, to create some of the best goggles on the market, without increasing the price. We believe everyone deserves high-quality products for a fair price, and we're staying true to that belief.

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XEp: Photochromic lens technology

These high-contrast, photochromic lenses adapt automatically to the weather. With a VLT of between 16% and 53%, the tint changes to be just right for the current conditions within 20 seconds. Offering excellent optical clarity, unveiling details like bumps and crud remarkably well both on- and off-piste.