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Give your eyes a rest with our Blue Light blocking glasses. Try them for 30 days with our money-back guaratee.

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Do something good for your eyes

Give our Blue Light glasses a try. Handcrafted high quality acetate & metal Blue Light glasses for €85 // £75 // SEK 900

You probably need Blue Light glasses

If you are exposed to digital screens all day, then blue light blocking glasses are likely for you.

Our Blue Light glasses are regular frames, fitted with non-prescription blue light blocking lenses. Always wanted to try them out? We offer a 30 day no risk satisfaction guarantee. And free shipping & returns in the EU & UK.


What is blue light?

Blue light is everywhere - it's unavoidable.

It's emitted naturally by the sun, but also from our digital screens. In this day and age when digital devices dominate our lives more and more, our eyes are becoming overexposed to blue light. Although experts are still debating if its harmful, there is no doubt that too much blue light leads to eye strain, dry eyes, headaches and difficulty sleeping.

Our Blue Light glasses can help with this!


How exactly do blue light glasses work?

Without getting too technical, blue light emitted from digital screens travels in short wavelengths, which means that it scatters more and causes your eyes to misfocus. This puts strain on your eyes as they work extra hard to process the rays. The outcome? You end up straining your eyes and blinking a lot less, which leads to those itchy dry eyes we've all experienced after a long day at the office.


We have the solution

Our Blue Light glasses are fitted with a filter that blocks those pesky blue light rays, so you have enough energy for every messy weekend.

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