10 Best Beach Volleyball Sunglasses

Sunglasses would come in handy if you are going to the beach. For lovers of beach volleyball, you should get a pair of sunglasses to help protect your eyes when you are playing. You should know that it is quite dangerous to play unprotected because there are chances that dirt or beach sand would get into your eyes while playing. 

You should prevent this risk by buying sunglasses. Even if you would not be playing, you should always get a sunglass when you want to go out to the beach on a sunny afternoon in the summer. Keeping your eyes safe on a sunny summer afternoon is very important, and that can be done with sunglasses. Instead of just complementing your beach outfit, sunglasses is one item that you must always have with you whenever you are stepping out. 

Your eyes are prone to get more fatigued in the summer because of the extra shiny sun. So if you are going to the beach to have a nice time or you are going to play volleyball. You should ensure that your sunglasses are also ready. There are glasses designed solely for one purpose, and that is to protect your eyes. 

Before purchasing any volleyball sunglasses, you should ensure that they have the following characteristics which a quality sunglass must-have. 

UV protection: The sunglass must have UV rays protection to prevent your eyes from coming in contact with UV rays. 

Lens size: You have to ensure that the lens is big enough to prevent any extra rays from entering your eyes, and that would prevent you from squinting. 

Polarised lens: This is one of the reasons why you are purchasing the glasses. To help remove glares when you are skiing, and this prevents accidental mishaps. 

Style: You should get a more fashionable and durable volleyball sunglass that would fit your style well, so you would always play in style during the summer. 

Here is a list of the top 10 best beach volleyball sunglasses available on the market;

Liv Sunglasses 

This pair of vintage sunglasses have sharp edges and a polarised lens to protect your eyes from harmful UV rays. This warm polarised lens is well-structured, transparent, and light. When you buy this product from MessyWeekend, it gets delivered to your doorstep for free. Also, part of the sales proceeds are been sent to an NGO to help clear the rubbles in the Pacific Ocean. 

The Liv sunglasses are available in different colours and sizes, and the 100% unique materials used in making this product are very durable for outdoor skiing. You should maintain the glasses well by cleaning constantly. This product is available on messyweekend for £75.


  • Handcrafted, vintage glasses. 
  • Available in five different colours.
  • Unisex.
  • Lightweight.
  • Frame is available in different colours. 
  • Available in different sizes.

Hobbes Sunglasses

These simple yet classy sunglasses is perfect whenever you want to go skiing with friends. The frame is so light you would not even know it is on and it is extremely flexible also. The lightweight frame provides extra strength which makes the glass suitable for any type of activity. The design of this sunglasses is simple and fits different head shapes perfectly because of its flexible frame

The UV400 protection would protect your eyes from harmful UV rays, this sunglasses is pocket friendly, and it has polarised composite lenses which would protect your eyes from harsh conditions. The glasses can be used as a perfect substitute for the more expensive ray-bans. Unisex glass which is another plus most glasses do not enjoy. This product can be purchased for £60 from messyweekend.


  • Strong grip.
  • Fits for different occasions. 
  • Has UV400 protection.
  • Available in different sizes.
  • Lightweight frame.
  • Available in only one colour.

EUROMAN X MW Polarised Sunglasses

This piece of beauty was made from a collaboration of top fashion icons, and one of them is a fashion magazine called Euroman. Hence the name, you are guaranteed of top-quality form and function when you purchase this product. It has been designed using durable and high-quality materials. This sunglass would look good on you whether you are on or off the ice. 

There is free shipping and a 2-year warranty when you purchase this product from MessyWeekend. Part of the proceeds from this product would be donated towards the cleaning of plastic wastes in the Pacific Ocean. So buying this product could be your little way of giving back to the world.  


  • Removable function and form performance.
  • Effective design using high-quality materials.
  • Free shipping available on MessyWeekend.
  • Indirectly support nature and promote a healthy society
  • 2 years warranty from the manufacturer; MessyWeekend
  • Very cheap

Brooklyn Sunglasses

    The photochromic technology of this product adapts to constant light changes and dark environments during the day. The lens particles expand when in brighter places to help filter the light, and these lens particles can also compress to help ensure more light enters when it is getting dark.   

    The material used in the lens frame is very comfortable for the user and would not get too heavy. It also has upgraded Silicone Gel nose pads which provide comfort and a wonderful grip. The lens height is 1.693 inches and the bridge is 0.591 inches. The matte colour of the soft-to-touch surface gives it a cool and appealing look. The glasses are unisex which makes it appealing to a larger audience. This product can be purchased for £60 from messyweekend.


    • Full UV400 protection
    • Gives a casual look
    • Available in different sizes
    • Available in a matte colour.
    • The lens height is 1.693 inches
    • Unisex 

    Shackleton Sunglasses

      The Shackleton is a unisex sunglass that is available for people that love quality products. These stylish glasses would easily match and complete your skiwear because of its exquisite look. Wipe constantly to prolong useful life. The frame is made from strong plastic, and that makes them unbreakable

      The polarised lens is scratch-resistant and would protect from impact better than other types of glasses available. This product is available in only gold and white colours, and the lenses UV400 protected to shield your eyes from harmful rays which can impair your vision. This product can be purchased on messyweekend for £75.


      • Gives a retro feel
      • Nickel and lead-free
      • Slight gradient lenses
      • The lens height is 1.693 inches
      • Unisex
      • Available in two colours.

      Louie Sunglasses

        This is one of the most beautiful products on this list. The polarised lens helps block glare and protect your eyes. It is large enough to prevent eye wrinkles. The heavy-duty hinges are universally accepted and satisfy different standards. The lenses have UV400 protection that ensures your eyes are safe from harmful UV rays.

        This product is available in different sizes and colours. Buying this pocket-friendly glasses from MessyWeekend would qualify you for a discount. Part proceeds from this product would be donated towards the cause of cleaning up the Pacific Ocean and saving lives below the sea. 


        • UV400 protection.
        • Pocket friendly.
        • Available in different sizes and colours.
        • Total length inches is 5.0 inches.
        • Universally accepted heavy-duty hinges.
        • Made from high quality and durable materials. 

        Makalu Polarised

          If you are a trendy and stylish person, this is the glasses that you must go for. This product is very cheap, so you do not have to break the bank to make the purchase. The durable frame is perfect for any face shape. These glasses would make you feel more alive.

          The polycarbonate materials that these sunglasses are made from helps promote clarity, so you would have the best vision and also last longer because of the scratch and corrosion-resistant features. This means you do not have to panic about getting ice or water on it while skiing because of the frame’s coating. This product can be purchased on messyweekend for £65.


          • High-quality blue lenses.
          • Corrosion-resistant frame which helps prevent water and sweat side effects. 
          • Available for both males and females.
          • Total frame length of 5.709 inches. 
          • Polarised sunglasses for a cool summer vibe. 

          Grace Sunglasses

            People that are prone to headaches after wearing glasses for the whole day should go for these glasses, because of its lightweight. It is very comfortable for the face and eyes. The quality is also unbeatable. These unisex glasses have polarised lenses that help protect your eyes from harmful sun rays, prevents eye fatigue, eye wrinkles, and many more. 

            Regardless of your choice of style, MessyWeekend would always surprise you with the astonishing pair which would meet up to your standards. This product is very cheap, and the quality is amazing because the frame is made using durable products. Get a pair of this from messyweekend.


            • Very affordable.
            • Exceeds all expectations.
            • Available in different styles and sizes. 
            • Polarised plastic lens that protects from UVA and UVB radiation. 
            • Can be used by both males and females. 
            • Total frame length of 5.8 inches.


              This is designed for active people, and it is available to all types of sports not only skiing. The lightweight frame is designed with natural, eco-friendly Swedish materials, which is why they are quite stylish and durable. This product offers a lifetime after-sale service, which means you can help repair all the breakage, wear and tear that this product might experience after purchase. 

              Mirror coated lenses to prevent scratching. There are other sides of this coating that wear away faster than other types of eyeglasses. This product is available in various sizes and colours. This product can be purchased on messyweekend for £75.


              • Deep sunglass measurement. 
              • Natural and eco-friendly frame.
              • UV400 protection for better protection.
              • Very stylish and durable.
              • The frame gives a cool and modern feel.
              • Available in different sizes. 

              Hobbes Travel Glasses

                Purchase these unisex glasses from messyweekend to enjoy one of your most memorable skiing experience. This frame is light-weight and very comfortable. The lens of these glasses is polarised to prevent your eyes from coming in direct contact with the rays. The frame is unbreakable and made from quality durable materials.

                This product can be used when you are; cycling, hiking, riding, climbing, or even running. A variety of outdoor activities can also be performed with these glasses. Both the lenses and frames have a lifetime warranty. The design of these sunglasses is simple and fits different head shapes perfectly because of its flexible frame. 


                • Extremely flexible frame.
                • Fits for different occasions. 
                • Has UVA and UVB ray protection.
                • Available in different sizes.
                • Lightweight frame.
                • Available in only one colour.