Best Round Sunglasses for Men & Women

People originally made sunglasses to offer protection against the harmful rays of the sun. With time, they found new uses for sunglasses, such as protecting the eyes from work-related damage. Sunglasses now come in various designs and serve different purposes and are not just practical. People often wear them as fashion statements.

Popular designs at MessyWeekend include square, cat eye, Wayfarer, aviator, and round sunglasses. The once dark-tinted pair of sunglasses now come in different colours and styles.

But today, let's discuss round sunglasses. Round lenses are of equal height and width, giving them a circular look. Also known as circular sunglasses, they come with curved frames and lenses, without any sharp corners anywhere. Many celebrities have made them their signature sunglasses. A wardrobe is never complete without a pair of MessyWeekend's affordable, practical, good-looking round sunglasses.

Unlike other designs, round sunglasses draw a lot of attention to facial features, which makes them suitable for men and women with angular faces. However, anybody can don them and look great. If you have an oval face, your round chin can accommodate any design. Wearing round sunglasses will give you a flattering look that everybody wants to have. You may need to go for small round glasses for a vintage look, or an oversize pair to achieve a hippie look. 

Oblong faces can also wear round shades with ease. If you have an oblong face, you need to buy an oversized pair of round sunglasses to complement your straight jawline and long nose. For a square face, round sunglasses will help soften your strong jawline while highlighting your wide cheeks.

Finally, the heart face has a narrow chin and a broad forehead. Wearing circular glasses can give your face a younger look. It is good to buy a pair that fits, and so you need to consider the width of your face.

When buying round sunglasses, choose a colour for your personality. Colours go hand in hand with frame type. Metal frames come in solid colours, making them an excellent fit for men, while plastic frames are a versatile design and a great match for women. Dark colours are great for official and outdoor activities, while softer colours are good for making a fashion statement. 

Women enjoy a broader range of colours that come with the plastic frame. Not only do they accommodate all colours of the rainbow, but they are also lightweight and come with a hypoallergenic coating. Men prefer solid-coloured plastic frame sunglasses.

Metallic glasses, on the other hand, come in solid masculine colours. When shopping for sunglasses, consider corrosion-resistance and malleability of the metallic frame. To make the metallic frame glasses more comfortable, we use a silicone nose bridge.

If you want to try something flexible, our mirrored sunglasses can fit the bill. Mirrored designs contain a flash coating that gives your sunglasses a dark or brown tint, regardless of the lens colour. We use mold-in technology when manufacturing sunglasses for outdoor events. This technology provides your favourite round sunglasses the ability to adapt to different weather conditions.

Your glasses will appear darker when the sun is up and lighter when it is overcast. This colour change happens uniformly, and the transition period is only 30 seconds. The anti-glare feature of MessyWeekend’s sunglasses also offers protection from any form of reflection, whether off a road, a horizontal surface, or a water body.

Do you intend to wear your round sunglasses for outdoor events such as cycling, snowboarding, or hiking? Go for our designs with anti-shatter dual-layered XE2 lenses. The XE2 technology enhances clarity on unfamiliar terrain, enabling you to see details you would not be able to see with your naked eyes. Should you fall, the anti-shatter reinforcement will keep the lenses intact and offer extra protection if the glasses slide down when scaling rough terrain.

UV400 protection is a feature we at MessyWeekend do not overlook when designing sunglasses. Whether it is sunny or cloudy, harmful ultraviolet rays will always find their way to your eyes. This radiation forces many people to squint, causing wrinkles. All our round sunglasses are UV400-rated to offer protection against UVA and UVB radiation. Our sunglasses protect your eyes from sun damage and the skin around your eyes from wrinkling.

Round-shaped Retro Sunglasses

Round-shaped retro frames are the most innovative round sunglasses of all time, bringing out that timeless look from the '50s and '60s. Retro glasses communicate intelligence and elegance. They can be worn by both young and old. Justin Bieber and Johnny Depp have given retro sunglasses the popularity they now enjoy.

Our retro sunglasses come in different styles, including browline, round, and thick frame. Browline retro frames highlight your brows while giving you a bold, masculine appearance. Round-frame retro sunglasses, on the other hand, give you the look of a professor from the '20s, a sophisticated and scholarly look. Thick frames, however, are a different ballgame altogether. They give you that refined geek and are the ultimate in retro style. 

Our retro sunglasses are unisex, and therefore you can always find the right MessyWeekend pair with ease. When shopping, choose from our various UV400-protected lenses with exaggerated shades and stylish frames designed for daily use or occasional outings. Our round-shaped retro sunglasses are made from durable polycarbonate materials and conform to general-purpose UV-protection standards. Since they conform to international standards, they can suit more faces.

With these glasses, you'll never worry about frames losing gloss. You can go for highly polishes plastic frames or metal frames to enhance your looks in the crowd.

Oval Frames Sunglasses

Oval frames are shorter than they are wide, exposing the forehead, nose, and cheekbone. These sunglasses draw a lot of attention to facial features, making them ideal for diamond and square faces. Since they soften angular facial features, they tend to achieve a more feminine look.

Men love more angular frames that bring out their masculine look. For this reason, we have come up with a wide variety of oval shapes, sizes, and colours that look great on men. When buying oval-frame sunglasses for men, go for metal frames that give oval glasses an angular look. For women, however, plastic frames always bring out a feminine look.

MessyWeekend's round sunglasses come in different designs and colours to fit all face shapes. Whether you are buying them as a fashion accessory or for outdoor recreational events, we have the right pair for you. What's more? We donate part of our profits to cleaning beaches and making the oceans cleaner. Every pair of round sunglasses you buy from us will go a long way in protecting your eyes, your skin, and the oceans.