Best Horn Sunglasses by MessyWeekend

Sunglasses are not only an elegant accessory but also protective devices to our most important sensory organ–the eyes. It adds style and protects your eyes from the sun’s UV rays. It transforms our look and the way people see us, too.

You need to choose sunglasses carefully so that they match the style you are trying to project to the outside world. You shouldn’t choose sunglasses because they are fashionable. The frames should also look fantastic on you and bring a sense of completion to your appearance.

Some of the most fashionable sunglasses available on the market today are horn sunglasses. Horn-rimmed sunglasses are a type of eyewear originally made out of a bull horn, which was a real horn. For the better part of history, though, these sunglasses have been crafted from thick plastics that only mimic natural horn.

What makes these sunglasses stand out from other eyewear is the characteristic bold appearance on the face. It is unlike metal frames, which are less pronounced. Comedian Harold Lloyd was the first person to popularise horn-rimmed glasses after he wore them in his 1917 comedy short called Over the Fence.

Large horn-rimmed sunglasses are especially trendy these days. You’ll certainly attract attention if you wear these bold accessories, adding a great deal of charm and personality to your overall aesthetic.

At the same time, it would radiate a unique style and artistic appeal. If you have a pair of big horn-rimmed sunglasses in view, avoid too much jewelry or a busy scarf. You could turn the avant-garde look from sophisticated to comical, and nobody wants that scenario.

Instead, try pairing your massive tortoise sunglasses with a tortuous scarf. Put the scarf around your head with a ribbon on the bangs. The result will be a fascinating look.

Horn sunglasses are unisex and look great on both men and women.

Natural Horn Framed Sunglasses

Natural horn is a tried and tested material for sunglasses. It is one of the world’s oldest materials for making sunglass frames. Many eyewear manufacturers use the horn of the Asian water buffalo to make natural horn framed sunglasses, and it’s still in demand.

The way the glasses reflect the light and the warm, charming look of the horn are inimitable. The unmatched grain and hues are a sight to behold.

You can choose from a wide range of horn shades, from grey and anthracite tones to subtle shades of brown. You can also find white horn framed sunglasses.

Manufacturers and designers colour the horn using natural dyes to incorporate the shades into the complete eyewear concept.

A great deal of detail has gone into crafting this natural material, resulting in sunglasses frames of exceptional lightness and enduring stability. Natural horn frames are remarkably comfortable to wear, a perfect choice for individuals with skin allergies.

If handled with care, your natural horn framed sunglasses will age beautifully over time. Some of these sunglasses even come with horn care cream, a designer cleaning cloth, a protective case, and a microfiber pouch. The extra care ensures that your beloved pair of sunglasses stands the test of time.

If you’re a fan of designer eyewear, you might want to go for made-to-measure or bespoke natural horn framed sunglasses. Many manufacturers and designers offer bespoke services to ensure you get the look you want.

Top 2020 Horn Eyewear

There’s a wide selection of top-rated horn eyewear you can purchase in 2020. The best horn frames are hand-crafted from an authentic material, which is traditional, lightweight, and a hypoallergenic material.

Manufacturers and designers of the best horn eyewear carefully handpick the materials. They transform, shape, and polish the materials into some of the finest sunglasses frames on the market. All horns are sustainable and natural by-products from the Asian water buffalo.

The Washington Convention on Endangered Species has nothing against using the horns of these agricultural animals for making accessories. The horns of water buffalos normally grow up to two meters long. Only a small portion of that horn is suitable for an eyewear frame, though.

From this small portion, the eyewear makers pick only those pieces that meet the criteria regarding the quality of the material and consistent, unusual coloring. The crafting of the best horn frames doesn’t harm the environment or the animal.

Horn shavings are the only waste products and these act as a natural fertilizer. Since ancient times, mankind has used ox and buffalo horns to make various items, which have often served as household products and other fashionable accessories.

Today, these items have become an element of pure craftsmanship. Mother Nature has been kind to offer Asian horns with a range of colors, which are found in limited parts of the globe. It makes the demand for these horns high, and this is unlikely to change.

It also explains why the top 2020 eyewear doesn’t come cheap. Some of these products include HEPIDEM Buffalo Horn Handmade Luxury Sunglasses, Francis Foch High-End Luxury Natural Buffalo Horn Optical Eyeglasses, and HEPIDEM Buffalo Horn Handmade Square Rimless Luxury Sunglasses.

The makers of these sunglasses export to countries across the globe, including the United Kingdom, Canada, Italy, Greece, Norway, Spain, Australia, Germany, the Republic of Korea, and Japan. High-quality horn eyewear products are popular not only in the U.S. but across the globe.

Final Thoughts

Inspired by the happy swing of the 1940s and the 1950s, the bull horn-rimmed sunglasses are still trendy today. Horn sunglasses not only make you look sophisticated but are also exceptionally comfortable to wear. It is an ideal choice for people with skin allergies, too.

Pair the horn sunglasses with virtually any outfit, whether casual or formal. For a fascinating look, sunglasses enthusiasts love to pair it with a tortuous scarf. Horn-rimmed sunglasses are lightweight and durable, in a wide range of shades to suit different needs and preferences.

Colour options range from grey and anthracite tones to shades of brown. Natural-dyed horn frames are also available on the market. While horn sunglasses are a little more expensive than other sunglasses, they’re worth every dime when the eyes of the world are on you.