10 Best Sunglasses for Driving

Sunglasses are not only for show items that you use to complement your dressing. As a driver, visibility while driving is of utmost importance. This also applies to when you are driving for long hours.

During the sunny season, your eyes get fatigued easily, and you need to strain your eyes when the weather condition is very bad. In situations like this, you would need all the help you can get to drive easily and safely. This is why sunglasses should be part of your daily style, buying one of the glasses listed below would help protect your vision, reduce eye fatigue, and reduce glare. 

There are several sunglasses available which you can choose from, but here are some things you should know before buying these sunglasses.

Lens colour: You have to pick the lens colour that would allow you to see when you are driving. There are four types of tint you can consider. They are; yellow, brown, grey, and rose.

Polarised lens: You must ensure that the sunglasses you purchase has a polarised lens which would be ideal for driving in the summer. It also helps dampen the glare from wet roads. 

Lens coating: This is a very important factor which you should always put into consideration. Whichever sunglass you choose must have lens coating, because it would help prevent the lens from getting scratched every time you put the glasses on and off. The glasses must also have an anti-reflective coating that keeps unwanted light out and allows the necessary light. This helps improve visibility. 

New Depp

This is a pair of classic, round glasses handcrafted from sturdy plastic synthetics for both the lens and the frame. The result of this is the New Depp driving sunglasses that has a modern look because of the transparent frame, and the material helps the glasses remain very light. 

The slight green lens blocks harmful rays and also protects your eye from fatigue when it’s sunny. 100% protection is guaranteed with the durable materials used in making these glasses. The frame is available in different colours and sizes. For safety and maintenance measures you should coat the lens to prevent unnecessary scratching. This product can be purchased for £75 from messyweekend

New Depp


  •   Handcrafted, round and classic

  •   Slightly green lens

  •   Modern transparent frame 

  •   Lightweight

  •   Frame is available in different colours. 

  •   Available in different sizes


Hobbes Driving Glasses

These simple yet classy sunglasses is perfect whenever you want to take a drive in the summer. The frame is so light you would not even know it is on and it is extremely flexible also. The lightweight frame provides extra strength which makes the glass suitable for any activity. The design of this sunglasses is simple and fits different head shapes perfectly because of its flexible frame

The UV400 protection would protect your eyes from harmful UV rays, this sunglasses is pocket friendly, and it has polarised composite lenses which would protect your eyes from harsh conditions. The glasses can be used as a perfect substitute for the more expensive ray-bans. Unisex glass which is another plus most glasses do not enjoy.  This product can be purchased for £60 from messyweekend.



  • Extremely flexible frame.
  • Fits for different occasions. 
  • Has UV400 protection.
  • Available in different sizes.
  • Lightweight frame.
  • Available in only one colour.

Hobbes Revo

This is the premium option for all motorcycle owners that want to ride in style. The crystal fashionable frames give this driving sunglasses a clean and fresh look that fits any occasion perfectly. The thin lenses give a very sophisticated look. The lenses are revo lenses with full UV400 for ultimate protection. Available in different colours. 

The frame would hug your head well and sit properly so that the excess light can be blocked out. Though some customers have complained against its head-hugging and the frame cannot withstand continuous usage. Scratch-resistant to help prolong the life of the glasses. The integrated blue light also helps protect the eyes from fatigue. This product can be purchased for £60 from messyweekend.

Hobbes Revo


  • See-through revo lenses.
  • Cool and simple look.
  • UV400 comprising UVA and UVB for protection.
  • Lightweight frame
  • Unisex 
  • Available in different sizes 

Brooklyn Driving Glasses

The photochromic technology of this product adapts to constant light changes and dark environments during the day. The lens particles expand when in brighter places to help filter the light, and these lens particles can also compress to help ensure more light enters when it is getting dark.   

The material used in the lens frame is very comfortable for the user and would not get too heavy. It also has upgraded Silicone Gel nose pads which provide comfort and a wonderful grip. The lens height is1.693 inches and the bridge is 0.591 inches. The matte colour of the soft-to-touch surface gives it a cool and appealing look. The glasses are unisex which makes it appealing to a larger audience. This product can be purchased for £60 from messyweekend.



  • Full UV400 protection
  • Gives a casual look
  • Available in different sizes
  • Available in matte colour.
  • The lens height is 1.693 inches
  • Unisex

Shackleton Driving glasses

The Shackleton is a unisex sunglass that people that want only top quality come to. You would be able to match your clothes or clothing accessories to these retro glasses. The product is perfect for daily use, but ensure you clean properly after every use. The frame is made from strong plastic synthetics which makes them unbreakable

The polarised lenses have a special material that makes them scratch-resistant, and they are well protected from impact than other types of optical glasses. This model is UV400 protected, which helps protect the eyes from harmful blue light. The Shackleton is available in two colours; gold, and white. This product can be purchased on messyweekend for £75.



  • Gives a retro feel
  • Nickel and lead-free
  • Slight gradient lenses
  • The lens height is 1.693 inches
  • Unisex
  • Available in two colours.

Jack Driving Glasses

This is a standard driving glass and is one of the best available on the market. There is a minimal design which makes it a perfect fit for anyone. This driving glass would protect your eyes from fatigue. This product is available in multiple colours.

The lightweight frame is made from durable materials that can withstand continuous usage. The unisex design fits perfectly for either male or female. Some customers have praised the polarised lens which helps protect harmful UV rays from affecting your eyes. There have been some concerns about the nose pad which can be bent easily. The price is also higher than regular driving glasses. This product can be purchased on messyweekend for £75.



  • Available in three colours
  • Unisex
  • UV400 for adequate protection.
  • Total frame length is 5.709 inches
  • Perfect fit for most faces because of the light, slim frame.
  • Simple and exquisite look

Makalu Polarised

This unisex sunglass can be used by both men and women. There are several colours that you can choose from, and you would see that this glass would suit your taste effectively. Examples of the colours available are; palladium, rose gold, gunmetal, and many more. The high-quality polarised lenses help give a wonderful summer vibe which would be great on the beach.

Polycarbonate materials that help promote clarity, they would also last longer because of the scratch-resistant and features that help reduce impact. The frame is corrosion-resistant, which means it can be used anywhere without having to bother about water and sweat. With the total frame length of 5.709 inches. This product can be purchased on messyweekend for £65.



  • High-quality blue lenses.
  • Corrosion-resistant frame which helps prevent water and sweat side effects. 
  • Available for both males and females.
  • Total frame length of 5.709 inches. 
  • Polarised sunglasses for a cool summer vibe. 


You can either wear your prescription glasses or your sunglasses because you cannot put on two at a go. You would have a flawless vision while driving if you have these sunglasses on. Even when the sun is scorching, the polarised lens would prevent glares and reduce eye strain and fatigue. These lightweight sunglasses would be comfortable going on unplanned long term journeys.

The polarised lens also filters harmful UV rays for security reasons. This glass can always bend in any direction, you just have to point. The wrap-around design reduces the excess weights from the store. This product can be purchased on messyweekend for £75.  



  • Available in four different types of colour.
  • Available for both males and females.
  • Handcrafted.
  • UV400 for adequate protection.
  • Stylish retro design
  • Total frame length 0f 5.523 inches. 


These pocket-friendly sunglasses surpasses everyone’s expectations. The style is unique and it also ensures that the sunglasses retains its versatility. The frame for the lens is very light and strong, which makes it okay for long road drives. Available in different types and sizes for anyone. It also has a polarised plastic lens that protects from UVA and UVB radiation. 

Regardless of your choice of style, MessyWeekend would always surprise you with the astonishing pair which would meet up to your standards. This product is very affordable and also exceeds all expectations. Fully polarised plastic lens for UVA and UVB radiation. This product can be purchased on messyweekend for £75.  



  • Very affordable.
  • Exceeds all expectations.
  • Available in different styles and sizes. 
  • Polarised plastic lens that protects from UVA and UVB radiation. 
  • Can be used by both males and females. 
  • Total frame length of 5.8 inches.


This is designed for active people, and it is available to all types of sports. The lightweight frame is made using high-grade Swedish materials that are stylish and durable.  This product offers a lifetime after-sale service, which means you can help repair all the breakage, wear and tear that this product might experience after purchase. 

Mirror coated lenses to prevent scratching and protects from UVA, UVB, and UVC rays. There are other sides of this coating that wear away faster than other types of eyeglasses. This product is available in various sizes and colours. This product can be purchased on messyweekend for £75.

Just like every other product, this one also has its negative side. Some customers have reported that the lens gets blurry after continuous use in the sun.   



  • Deep sunglass measurement. 
  • Light red lenses.
  • UV400 protection for better protection.
  • Handcrafted using the best of materials.
  • The black frame gives a cool and modern feel.