10 Best Sunglasses for Men & Women in 2020 by MessyWeekend

Whether you are headed to the beach, the mountains, or simply driving to work, the best sunglasses can help you protect your eyes in style—and at MessyWeekend, we offer only the best.

We believe the most important thing you can do to protect your eyes from ultraviolet rays is selecting shades that provide 100% UV protection. To make sure you are getting that full protection, we offer quality sunglasses with UV400 labels, polarization, and more. These lenses reduce glare and can improve your visibility while driving. 

Beyond their protective and practical benefits, our collection also includes an impressive range of styles, colours, and designs. Whatever your style—you’re sure to find the best sunglasses right here. All our sunglasses include a two-year warranty and are made with top-of-the-line materials. Better yet, environmentally friendly materials.

In an effort to help reduce worldwide plastic pollution, we use plant-based plastic alternatives for our frames. For every pair you buy we also donate to the ocean clean-up project, 'ORIGINES.’ Your purchase will result in nearly 4 pounds of plastic being removed from the ocean—you can make a difference, get the best sunglasses on the market, protect your eyes from harmful sun damage, and look amazing in the process.

What more could you want? Check out our collection below and find the perfect pair for you today.

Best Sunglasses for the Money

Finding a good, durable, and scratch-resistant pair of sunglasses for an affordable price is challenging. Luckily, we are here to help. By considering your needs, wants, and the way you look, you can find the perfect pair of quality sunglasses at MessyWeekend—and if you can’t, feel free to get in touch with our team. We’d be happy to help.

We’re confident you’ll find best sunglasses for the money in our inventory, whether you need durable sunglasses that are built to withstand the rigors of biking, running, and skiing, or you need handy pair to keep in your car to keep the sun at bay while you're cruising.  

You’ll find modern, scratch-resistant sunglasses and trendy rose-coloured aviators. We have classic designs and vintage styles, as well as options that fit the current trends and top-rated sunglasses for this season—all at more than fair price points.  

If you want to buy a pair of quality sunglasses for a great price in your favourite colour, you’ve come to the right place. You’ll find the most comfortable sunglasses in black, brown, grey, blue, pink, and a range of other colours, right here. You can choose more than just the colour of your frame, too. We also offer lenses in an impressive range of shades.

We're committed to providing the best selection possible with the highest quality possible. We want the answer to "who makes the best sunglasses?" to be "MessyWeekend.” That’s why you’ll never see cheap quality options marketed from us. Your biggest problem will be deciding on which pair to buy—though we can help you out there too.

We offer free shipping on orders over $50. You can save on your order by buying a pair or three! Though, we also carry high-quality snow goggles if you need something that fits a bit more securely to your face and provides more wrap-around protection. 

What Are the Best Sunglasses?

Buying new sunglasses should be a fun experience, and we do our best to provide that. Not only do we have the best 100% UV protective glasses, but we also offer a plethora of options when it comes to colour, design, shape, and style. Your options really are close to endless when you shop for sunglasses at MessyWeekend.

What makes our sunglasses the best of the best, you ask?

We tend to cater to our audience’s needs. From bigger to smaller, from lighter to darker, we offer everything our customers require—and if we don't have what you need, let us know. Our designers will take a crack at something new. Innovating is one of our many passions.

If you want more coverage from your new sunglasses, we suggest you choose one of our bigger models — the bigger the glasses, the less sun exposure to your eyes and the skin around them. To get the best deal for your money, consider purchasing wrap-around sunglasses, black/brown oversized glasses for a more dramatic look, or even consider making the switch to goggles depending on your intended usage and personal style.

If the sun bothers you, even when you are wearing high-quality sunglasses, polarised lenses might be the best option for you. These lenses cut glare and are perfect for activities like driving, skiing, and more where the sun is reflected back up at your eyes by water, snow, or wet road surfaces. Some folks even find they help with night blindness—and who doesn’t want to have a reason to wear their sunglasses at night?

Good sunglasses don’t have to cost a fortune, either. At MessyWeekend, you can find cool sunglasses for a great price with superior UV protection that are built to last—and built with planet-safe materials. That's in addition to our massive selection of styles and colours. Plus, you get to feel good that your purchase helped clean the ocean and reduce plastic pollution.

To find the best sunglasses for you, start by considering your style. We believe your new pair of sunglasses should be all about improving your look. If you love clean lines, you can try aviators. If you are more elegant and retro, we suggest you try a pair of cat-eye glasses. 

For those who prefer a minimalistic style, square sunglasses are a perfect choice. If your style is cool and you love to wear bright colours, try our round glasses. If your style is playful instead, try the wayfarer sunglasses. For those who follow the latest styles and fashion trends, the tortoise glasses can complete any outfit.

Regardless of your style, we know one thing is for sure—you can find the best sunglasses right here at MessyWeekend